Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

for Depression, Anxiety & More…
About Us

TMS of East Tennessee is located within Suite 2 of 10241 Kingston Pike at Center for Family Psychiatry. Dr. John Robertson and Dr. Kelley Walker decided to add TMS therapy to their already busy psychiatric private out-patient practice because many of today’s patients are seriously suffering with treatment resistant depression. Treatment resistant means that a patient has tried and failed many medications with no improvement or reduction in depression symptoms. TMS is FDA approved for treatment resistant depression and our office offers the MagVenture ®TMS system. Express ®TMS left sided depression treatment in 3 minutes is available for the first time with our system! Please contact our office for more information.


Dr. Robertson and Dr. Walker are now accepting new patients for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)! Call our office to speak with our TMS Coordinator for a phone screening and to schedule and FREE CONSULTATION! If you are a Provider and have a patient that you believe will benefit from TMS, please don’t hesitate to call and consult with our Board Certified Psychiatrists about available treatment options.